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Supplemental Information, Even Better Than the Source.

You see them on shop windows, on the counter at the local market, and as soon as you sit down for dinner at your favorite date night spot. QR codes are here to stay and for good reason. When you really try and think about why QR codes have not gone away, look no further than the idea that supplemental information, right at our fingertips when we need it most, is invaluable. When you implement supplemental information via QR codes with Lockout Tagout (LOTO) and Safety Signage in your facility, you are empowering each employee with knowledge at their fingertips. In the end, keeping you and your employees out of harm’s way. 

As a manufacturing facility, it is your responsibility to provide your employee with the proper training in regard to LOTO and Safety Signage. However, when it comes down to it, decisions made regarding safety are made in the moment and with whatever information is available. Sometimes that information is existing knowledge, a dusty and long forgotten placard, or the worst, “I learned that one time, in that one class”. 

With the help of QR codes, you can make sure that everyone is on the same page with the most up to date safety information. Now, each lockout point on your equipment can come with a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, tablet, or AR/VR headset, displays procedures on how to properly lockout that equipment. Imagine standing at one end of a building and having the need to reference a placard that was physically located at the other end, or you are unable to locate the main placard. Instead of wasting time, or taking risks, you can simply access the correct procedures for lockout right where you are and in an instant. 

Oftentimes, lockout knowledge is “understood” or even overlooked. However, with new and younger workers joining the world of manufacturing, it is important that new ways of teaching and training come into play. In addition to the standard LOTO graphic and verbiage, you now have the ability to add additional material such as video procedures, internal notes, or other languages to your already existing LOTO and Safety Signage. This benefits employees with different learning styles, or those from different backgrounds, and helps keep EVERYONE safe. Any employee should have access to correct, accurate, and intuitive LOTO and Safety Signage information, when they need it. 

Technology is always changing and leaving your LOTO and Safety Signage in the past can be putting you and your employees at risk. We most likely already know what to get at the local market or what we are going to eat for dinner but in the end, we are still going to scan those QR codes. Why? To make sure we aren’t missing something…something potentially lifesaving. 

If you would like to hear more about implementing QR code technology into your facilities LOTO and Safety Signage please reach out to Robert Rariden at rrariden@its-na.com


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